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mind in labour

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Often pain and anxiety are our greatest challenges in childbirth. Learning to use the mind to work with these challenges can make a huge difference in our labor and delivery experiences. The Mind in Labor workshop is a time to look deeply at pain and fear in childbirth and to cultivate present moment awareness for meeting whatever childbirth experience might unfold. The workshop is an excellent complement to any childbirth education class, including refresher classes. It can also be helpful for those who anticipate a birth experience requiring special medical attention or for those who have had a previous difficult birth experience.

In this workshop we will:

  • Practice mindfulness and its applications for working with pain and fear during labor

  • Understand the mind/body connection in childbirth and how mindful awareness can be a critical element in facilitating the birth process

  • Experience using the breath as an anchor to the present moment for maintaining the optimal physiology for childbirth

  • Tap into inner reservoirs of strength, confidence and courage

  • Learn how to be fully present to give comfort and support as a birth partner

  • Begin or deepen an understanding of the power of mindfulness—moment-to-moment awareness—for the challenges of birthing, parenting, and life.


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