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Foundations of
childbirth and parenting (MBCP)

An Online Introductory Course for Perinatal and
Mental Health Professionals 


ACNM CE Credit: 25 Hours

Tri-weekly, 10 September - 03 December 2024
12:30pm–3:00pm (ET)

Five 2.5 Hr Group Online Meetings
10 Sep 2024
Next Start Date
MBCP Course Videos and Readings
$1500 USD
Tuition Fees
25 Hours 
* Although no prerequisites are required, reading Nancy Bardacke's book Mindful Birthing is highly recommended.


Experience the 9-week Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP) course as a participant-observer.


Using archival videos of MBCP Founder and Mindful Birthing author, Nancy Bardacke, CNM, participants enter the MBCP classroom and practice alongside expectant parents, both witnessing and experiencing the MBCP course curriculum as it unfolds.


Engage in live, dialogic inquiry.

Participants meet live over Zoom with other perinatal and mental health professionals in 5 online dialogic seminars, facilitated by certified MBCP Faculty Members. During these sessions, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the MBCP curriculum, the nuances of the MBCP practices, and how perinatal mindfulness is an effective mechanism for enhancing the experiences of pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenting. An online classroom forum is also part of the learning experience, providing additional resources and an offline space for conversation.

Seminar Schedule
Tuesdays, 12:30 - 3:00PM ET
Session 1: 10 September 2024
Session 2: 01 October 2024
Session 3: 22 October 2024
Session 4: 12 November 2024
Session 5: 03 December 2024
Tuesdays, 12:30 - 3:00PM ET
Session 1: 09 September 2025
Session 2: 30 September 2025
Session 3: 21 October 2025
Session 4: 11 November 2025
Session 5: 02 December 2025


  1. Describe how mindfulness meditation practice can benefit expectant parents for working with the stresses of pregnancy, labor, birth, and life, including how mindfulness skills can support and enhance healthy parent-infant attachment.

  2. Describe how the experiences of formal and informal mindfulness practices might assist the brain’s executive functioning in disrupting, shifting, and refocusing unhelpful patterns, habits, and behaviors and reinforce more beneficial ways of being during childbirth and beyond.

  3. List the four intentions of the Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP) Program, and four elements of childbirth education that are part of MBCP.

  4. Describe how mindfulness practices may facilitate a critical shift in perception regarding fear and pain in childbirth and assist in the decoupling of pain from suffering.

  5. Describe the importance of mindfulness skills for working with the challenges of postpartum adjustment and early parenting stress, including the research indicating a significant reduction in postpartum depression for people who have participated in MBCP.

  6. Describe the physical, psychological, and relational health benefits of MBCP as described in the research literature.


Upon completion of the course evaluation, participants will be granted a certificate of attendance with details needed to claim their 25 hours of ACNM CE credit.


Foundations of MBCP is a pre-requisite course of the MBCP Teacher Training Program, but it does not qualify participants to teach MBCP. Participants who wish to teach MBCP must complete the more advanced levels MBCP Teacher Training Program (Levels 1 and 2). Other pre-requisite requirements may also be necessary before enrolling into Levels 1 and 2. 

Should participants wish to continue their training, they will have the opportunity to discuss their readiness with faculty members following the completion of the Foundations of MBCP course.

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