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Mindfulness-Based Early Parenting (MBEP) is a 6-session course for new parents who have completed the 9-week MBCP class prenatally. The MBEP sessions are approximately 1.5 hours in length, scheduled every other week. MBEP is designed to support parents into the first months of their parenting journey, building on the mindfulness skills they have learned in MBCP. 

The intentions of MBEP are to support new families in those all important early weeks and months, when the new family members are getting to know one another and there is a lot of new learning and uncertainty. 

MBEP can support new parents to: 

  • Reduce stress and enhance mental health 

  • Build calm and connection with their baby 

  • Respond rather than react in the present moment

  • Stay level and grounded even under difficult circumstances 

  • Grow in mindful communication as new relationships are being formed--with the baby, between the new parents, and within the wider family network 

  • Reduce inter-generational suffering by disrupting unhelpful patterns from families of origin, maintaining helpful patterns and choosing to embrace new family dynamics as needed

  • Be a part of an ongoing community of other new parents who are navigating similar waters, thereby mitigating isolation and providing a source of caring and connection

Although this course is primarily aimed at the first 0-6 months of parenting, it may also be of interest to parents with older babies (up to 12 months) who have completed MBCP.

Mindfulness-based EARLY parenting class schedule


FACULTY: Eluned Gold, MSc, RMN, PGCE

CLASS DATES:  14 February – 25 April 2021 (Sundays, bi-weekly)

CLASS TIMES: 17:00 - 18:30 UTC (GMT)

   - 14 February 2021

   - 28 February 2021

   - 14 March 2021 

   - 28 March 2021  

   - 11 April 2021

   - 25 April 2021


CLASS DATES:  Spring 2021 

mindfulness-based EARLY PARENTING online FEE schedule

Participant Rate

$300 - Singles

$450 - Couples

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Professional Rate

$600 - Professionals

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