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Mindfulness-based childbirth and parenting (MBCP)
SPECIALIST Training module for mindfulness professionals

Next Training Begins 26 January 2024

Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP) is an evidence-based programme for expectant parents that integrates mindfulness skills and practice with childbirth and parenting education.​

Founded in 1998, by nurse-midwife Nancy Bardacke, CNM, the 9-week MBCP programme is one of the first adaptations of the world-renowned Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programme (MBSR) founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD. In the years since its inception, thousands of expectant parents have used MBCP to help them navigate the transformational processes of pregnancy and childbirth, as well as the intense, joyful, and sometimes stressful experiences of being a parent. 

Some benefits of perinatal mindfulness include:

  • Reduced stress

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Reduced depression

  • Reduced fear of childbirth

  • Reduced pain catastrophising

  • Reduced non-urgent interventions

  • Reduced NICU trauma + stays
  • Improved childbirth self-efficacy
  • Improved breast/chestfeeding initiation
  • Improved maternal-fetal attachment
  • Improved positive affect

  • Improved partner psychological well-being

  • Improved infant resilience

  • Improved infant socio-emotional development

The MBCP Specialist Training Module is an accelerated course designed for mindfulness professionals who have trained to teach in a recognised Mindfulness-Based Intervention (MBI) programme (including MBSR, MBCT or equivalent) and wish to specialize in MBCP. If you have not previously trained to teach mindfulness, our full MBCP Teacher Training may be more appropriate for you.

The mindfulness network: mbcp specialist training pathway

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Students complete the "Mindfulness Essentials" Training Module via The Mindfulness Network


Students enroll in the "MBCP Specialist Training Module for Mindfulness Professionals" course via Mindful Birthing


Students attend an online, intensive weekend retreat, experiencing the MBCP course as a participant


Students attend an online, 8-week MBCP Training course, which includes a day-long silent retreat


If students are not perinatal professionals, a self-guided, 4-part "Birth Module" learning series is available

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As they begin to teach, students request professional MBCP supervision via The Mindfulness Network


In partnership with The Mindfulness Network and the Mindfulness Centre at Bangor University, the Mindful Birthing and Parenting Foundation (MBPF) now offers a MBCP Specialist Training pathway for those who have completed their 5-day Essentials Training and wish to teach mindfulness to perinatal populations.

To enroll in the MBCP Specialist Training, a personal, daily meditation practice persisting a minimum of 6-months prior to the programme start is required.

While not mandatory to begin the MBCP Specialist Training, the MBPF does advise that students aim to fulfill the list of recommendations outlined in the full MBCP Teacher Training's Suggested Background document as part of their learning.


  • 20 Hours

After Essentials Training, the next phase of the MBCP Specialist Training is the MBCP Retreat. During this weekend intensive, students will experience many of the essential teachings and practices in the MBCP programme. This introductory retreat allows students to engage with the MBCP programme curriculum as a course participant — gaining an intimate understanding of how mindfulness and perinatal education both intersect and serve expectant parents.

The MBCP Training, Day-long retreat, and home practice

  • 20 Hours (training: 2.5 hours/week)

  • 5 Hours (retreat)

  • 16 Hours (home practice: at least 2 hours/week)

  • Optional: 4-part self-guided Birth Module

Following the MBCP Retreat, students will embark on an 8-week online course during which they will learn to teach the MBCP programme and better understand the history, theory, and research behind MBCP. If a student has no professional perinatal experience, a self-guided Birth Module will be made available.

Means of learning include:

  • Watching + reflecting on pre-recorded MBCP course videos

  • Exploratory dialogue both during class (oral) and in the online classroom forum (written)

  • Experiential teaching and inquiry during class and the day-long retreat led by faculty members

  • Personal reflection of daily practice and thoughts/beliefs/emotions regarding childbirth and parenting

  • Peer support as students partner and practice teaching with one another between classes 

  • Faculty support, including individualized meeting opportunities 

  • Supplemental materials to mitigate knowledge deficits, such as the Birth Module

  • Supervision + mentoring while preparing for and teaching the first MBCP course after completion of training

birth module

  • Self Guided Learning

This Birth Module helps to build education literacy so that students have a better sense of ease and familiarity with the topics and questions that may arise within the classroom. While the scope of practice as an MBCP Teacher does not extend to offering medical advice or opinions to class participants, it is important to understand the context in which expectant parents are attempting to apply their mindfulness skills. This is a self guided module that the student can complete in their own time during the Programme.

Young Mother

supervision + mentoring

Upon completion of the MBCP Specialist Training, students are eligible to begin teaching the MBCP programme. Supervision and mentoring services are facilitated through the Mindfulness Network.

Graduates are also invited to join the Mindful Birthing and Parenting Foundation's MBCP Teacher Alumni Community Group — an opportunity to connect with hundreds of other MBCP Teachers across the globe, to gain access to the "Find an MBCP Teacher" search tool on the website, and to stay up-to-date with professional development opportunities.


The Mindfulness Network issues a Certification to Teach upon completion of their Training Pathway. Graduates of the MBCP Specialist Training are also eligible to apply to become a Certified MBCP Teacher through the Mindful Birthing and Parenting Foundation, which issues the post-nominal honorarium MBCPTc.

Programme details

Sitting Meditation

The MBCP Retreat

Date: 26 - 28 January 2024


Time: (all times in GMT)

Friday: 2:00pm-8:00pm

Saturday: 2:00pm-9:00pm

Sunday: 2:00pm-9:00pm

Using a Tablet

The MBCP Training

Date: 31 January 2024 -

20 March 2024 (weekly)

Time: (all times in GMT)



Yoga Pose Looking Up

The Half-Day Retreat

Date: 6 March 2024

Time: (all times in GMT)



Programme costs

  • $0 - Application Fee (use the discount code: TMN50)

  • £1495 - Tuition

  • $0 - Birth Module

  • $300 - Certification via the Mindful Birthing and Parenting Foundation (optional)

Register MBCP Specialist

Programme registration

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