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MBCP Teacher certification


Prior to applying for the certification process, trainees will have:

Completed MBCPTT Levels Foundation, 1, and 2 delivered by MBPF and received a certificate of training (other training to teach MBCP will be considered).

Completed a minimum of 10 mentor sessions.

Taught a minimum of 3 full MBCP courses over a minimum of 1 year, but not more than 5 years since training.

Completed a pre-certification interview with a faculty mentor and both agree that the trainee is ready to move forward for certification. (See Pre-Certification Interview form to request an interview and pay the fee).


Video recordings teaching samples of your MBCP class, including 1) a meditation practice, 2) the white board, 3) an ice practice, 4) a mindful movement, 5) another teaching or practice sample of your choosing. 

Reflective writing on the experience of teaching the class (2,000 - 2,500 words maximum).

Assessment Compliance Form signed by both you and countersigned by your primary mentor.


Complete the Pre-Certification Interview form to request an interview with your mentor (this should be a mentor who you have completed mentoring sessions with) and pay the fee (sliding scale $40 - $80).  This interview must be completed and signed off by your mentor before you can move to the next steps in the process. 

Download the Guidelines on the MBCPTT Certification Process document for detailed information about the process.

Prepare your videos and reflective writing submissions as outlined in the document. 

Complete the Application Form below, submit, and pay the fee.

Transfer your videos, reflective writing and compliance statement to the Google Drive location provided in the certification email you received when you applied for certification. If you have any issues with the certification files please contact

Our faculty will review your application and assess your video using the MBI-TAC assessment criteria

You will be notified of your approval status via email.

MBCP Teacher Certification Application
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