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Mindfulness-Based Infant Massage

Comments from Participants after Completing the Course

“I don’t get so stressed about his crying…I can comfort and love him with no expectations.”

“I feel much more connected and essential to her life…I am just not a helper but also a primary caregiver. This was a big shift in my mind.”

“We have been amazed at the changes in our baby. Just the other night he actually slept 8 hours after an evening session of massage, changing and nursing.”

“Massaging our baby has become a meditation practice for my husband and I, connecting us with just being in the present moment, with her and with ourselves.”

“I feel better able to meet my baby’s needs…more accepting of his whole range of expression, including tears.”

“I am more in touch with her body language and so I can respond better.”



“Before the class I wasn’t aware of all the places I was holding tension that would come in contact with the baby. Now I am aware and can relax into holding him even during very intense, tired times.”

“We went from having a “fussy baby” to having a wonderfully expressive little boy.”

“Our baby is much calmer. She greatly enjoys her massages and becomes alert, excited, laughs and coos.”

“My babies spend less time crying…they seem more trusting and easy going…happier and more responsive.”

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Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting Education Program