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Mindfulness-Based Childbirth Education

Comments from Participants after Completing the Course


"I am experiencing pregnancy at a much richer level than I would have without the class. I now have an appreciation and enjoyment of every moment—even the weepy ones."

"As a father-to-be, I now feel I have the emotional tools that will help me be truly present with our new baby in a way that my own father was never able to be with me."

"I have far less anxiety and more ability to find healthy and constructive ways to deal my pregnancy, the pain of childbirth and overall acceptance of this new life."

"I am much calmer in general but especially in my attitude toward childbirth. I now have various tools to use that I wasn't aware of before."

"I feel more confident that all will be well. While excited about the "big event" I feel more relaxed and accepting of not knowing how it's all going to be."

"I'm more positive and less afraid about the birthing process."

"I've noticed a greater sense of 'I'm capable of parenting'."

"Being able to stay in the moment, breath by breath, was the main thing that helped me get through labor."

"I found peace in the birth process."


"All the skills we learned in class were very useful. In all honesty, I thought childbirth was going to be a lot more painful than it really was. I found the entire experience extremely tolerable--I think that was because I had practiced being in the present moment."

"The birth was amazing. I found I could just be with the process as it was happening."

"Though there were definitely some hard moments, I found I could work with the pain using what we learned. I actually found childbirth much easier than I expected."

"My birth was so fast! After two really hard previous births I couldn't believe it happened that way."

"The birth didn't go like anything I had expected or wanted. It was like a three-ring circus. I would have expected myself to get all upset but I actually found it funny."

"I had a wonderful birth but had real problems breastfeeding. I was able to use what I learned in the class to get me and the baby through some really difficult times."

"The class helped me to remember my intention to create a different family atmosphere than the one I grew up in and taught me the skills to be able to do that."



Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting Education Program