What are the pre-requisites for training to teach MBCP?

MBCP Teacher Training (MBCPTT) is an advanced course of instruction. Our pre-requisites are outlined in our Suggested Background document. While there may be some flexibility, enrollment priority is

given to those applicants who have completed the pre-requisites and who have demonstrated a readiness to complete the MBCPTT program.

What if I’m not able to complete one of the prerequisites because of life circumstances (i.e. I have small children who I can’t leave for a 10 day silent retreat)?

We understand that those who wish to begin training live complex and full lives. If there are circumstances in your life that prohibit you from completing one of the prerequisites, please include a note in your application explaining your circumstances.

I have a long-time meditation practice but have not taken an MBSR class, or I have taken a different mindfulness course.  Can I waive the prerequisite for MBSR?  

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a prerequisite for all who train to teach because MBCP was founded on the rich evidence base of MBSR. Experience in an MBSR course will begin to ground you in this particular way of learning and teaching. Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is another 8-week course that shares this foundation of evidence, and is an alternative option for this prerequisite.   

What technology skills do I need to participate in the online MBCPTT?

The MBCPTT uses an online video conferencing program, streaming video, and an online classroom space for our training. We have had both novice and expert users complete our program successfully. We provide a technology orientation for all of our participants and have technical support available. 

Are there any MBCP Teacher Trainings for non-English speakers? 

While the Mindful Birthing and Parenting Foundation only sponsors MBCPTT for English speakers at present, some of our affiliate organizations are offering non-English programs. Currently, MBCPTT is being offered inGerman, French, Dutch, and Chinese.


Are there any in-person MBCP Teacher Trainings for English speakers?

In-person MBCP Teacher Trainings are currently in development. Click here for updates.

What are the steps to becoming a Certified MBCP Teacher?

Seeking certification is a process that includes training, mentorship, teaching experience, on-going mindfulness practice, and evaluation by our faculty. Check back for information regarding our pathway to certification.

Do you offer financial assistance for MBCPTT tuition?

We offer interest-free (8-month) and low-interest (18-month or 24-month) payment plans for participants who wish to pay for their training in monthly installments. Scholarships are also available for those who demonstrate a clear financial need and/or who serve populations facing financial adversity.

Do you have scholarships available?

We have a limited number of full and partial scholarships available for each MBCPTT series. If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, please submit a scholarship application IN ADDITION to your MBCPTT application. If you are unable to afford the application fee, please contact us for a waiver code. 


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