Program Administrator

Hours of Work: 10-12.5 hours per week (part-time)

Salary: $30 USD per hour

Location: Remote



The Mindful Birthing and Parenting Foundation (MBPF) is seeking a part-time Program Administrator to coordinate and support our newly developed MBCP Online for Expectant Parents course. This exciting opportunity will require management of all the current administrative elements of the course and an ability to develop the processes and procedures for future courses. This role requires an individual who can work on their own initiative whilst being able to collaborate at all levels of the organization and with the general public. There will also be the possibility of growth within the role to coordinate other courses run by the MBPF.


The Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP) course offers parents-to-be the opportunity to use the remarkably transformative time of pregnancy and childbirth to learn mindfulness skills for working with the stress, pain, and fear that are often a normal part of this profound journey into the unknown. Through the learning offered in the MBCP course, expectant parents will have these skills in place for parenting mindfully from the first moments of birth. Expectant parents find that as they practice being in the present moment, they are able to live through this ordinary—and extraordinary—life transition with greater confidence, wisdom, and joy. The practice of mindfulness becomes not only a way of birthing, but a lifelong resource for parenting and living with greater awareness, kindness, connectedness, and care.  



This part-time program administrator will have sole responsibility for the administrative coordination and management at every stage of the course, including:

  • Planning

    • Manage teacher recruitment from a predefined teacher panel and liaison with the Director of Training.

    • Schedule MBCP Online course dates and times.

    • Coordinate/schedule planning meetings for MBCP Online Teachers. 

    • Coordinate/schedule participant pre-course interviews for MBCP Online Teachers.

    • Coordinate with the Operations Director to ensure legal, financial, and tax agreements are in place for teachers.

    • Coordinate with the Ruzuku (learning management system) administrator to set up the virtual online classroom for the course.

    • Coordinate with the MBCP Director of Operations to update course information on the Mindful Birthing website (Wix).

    • Coordinate with the Managing Director to design and schedule social media announcements (Instagram and Facebook).

    • Update content on mailers via Mailchimp.

    • Updating content on mailers via Canva.

  • Executing

    • Oriente new faculty members to the MBCP Online course.

    • Serve as the Point of Contact for the online course inquiries from expectant parents and professionals and replying to all communications in a timely manner.

    • Supervise all aspects of the participant registration process (deposits, forms, interviews, enrollment, scholarships, payments, refunds).

    • Provide technical support to online participants and teachers.

    • Provide design support to teachers (Google Slides). 

    • Provide basic video editing services and upload class videos to streaming portfolios (via Vimeo). 

    • Collate teacher and participant feedback for course improvements and database entry.

  • Growing

    • Collaborate with the Managing Director, Director of Operations, and Director of Training to develop new MBCP learning opportunities, retreats, and other MBCP-inspired programs. 

    • Collaborate with the Program Coordinator and Director of Training to further integrate perinatal professionals into MBCP Online courses.

    • Collaborate with the Managing Director, Director of Operations, and Director of Training to partner with research institutes, health organizations, hospital systems, and/or universities to offer MBCP Online classes and/or products.

    • Collaborate with the Managing Director, Director of Operations, and Director of Training to attain CEU accreditation for MBCP Online courses.

    • Host “Teaching Online” tutorials to new MBCP Teachers.


Skills & Experience

  • Comfortable and adept in both self-directed and collaborative work. 

  • Proven organizational skills.

  • Strong communication skills in order to coordinate with expectant parents, course teachers, faculty administration, and senior management.

  • Attention to detail in all areas, from planning to documentation.

  • Ability to oversee a variety of diverse tasks and work under pressure. 

  • Flexibility and creative problem-finding/problem-solving.

  • Strong project management skills.

  • High standard of IT skills and the ability to learn new IT packages quickly.

  • Proficient in:

    • Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar)

    • Zoom

    • Vimeo

    • Canva

    • Mailchimp

    • Wix (website)

    • Some social media experience (Instagram and Facebook)

  • Cultural competency.

  • English as a first language.

  • The ability to laugh, love, and work patiently with the unexpected events of daily life.

  • Desirable:

    • Previous experience with a non-profit organization.

    • An understanding of mindfulness practice and experience.

    • An understanding of the needs of perinatal populations.


To Apply:

  1. Please fill in the application form below​.

  2. Attach your CV or résumé.

  3. Closing date for applications will be September 30, 2020.

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