Mindful Women Meditate Together – online meditation event

Come sit with us!

Thursday, August 8th at 3 p.m. ET mindful.org is hosting a free online meditation event.  MBCP Founding Director Nancy Bardacke will be one of the participating mindfulness teachers.


Mindful.org is bringing together mindful women leaders from across the country for an online meditation event that will be guided by mindfulness pioneer Mirabai Bush.

Deepen your practice, connect with Mindful women, and experience the power of collective mindfulness.

Led by Mirabai, we will sit in mindful silence, gratitude, and compassionate acknowledgment for all the women who have come before us, for those who stand in their power with clarity and wisdom, for those who struggle for agency over their lives, and for all of the daughters who will lead us into the future.

After our collective meditation, each leader will share a “check-in” reflecting on how her mindfulness practice is informing her life right now.

Along with the event, you’ll be invited to join a private Facebook group to connect, meditate, share, and cross-pollinate. In this way, we hope to develop a knowledge-share space that might inform even more women about how they can connect and engage mindfully together.

Sign up and join us for this free online meditation experience!


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New MBCP Research Published

What is learned from Mindfulness Based Childbirth and Parenting Education? – Participants’ experiences

Gunilla Lönnberg, Eva Nissen, and Maria Niemi
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2018 18:466

Full article: https://doi.org/10.1186/s12884-018-2098-1

In the search for effective interventions aiming to prevent perinatal stress, depression and anxiety, we are evaluating a Mindfulness Based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP) Program. In this study we explore the participants’ experiences of the program.


This is a descriptive qualitative study with influences of phenomenology. The participants were expectant couples who participated in the program and the pregnant women had an increased risk of perinatal stress, anxiety and depression. Ten mothers and six fathers were interviewed in depth, at four to six months postpartum. Thematic analysis of the transcripts was conducted.


The participants’ descriptions show a variety in how motivated they were and how much value they ascribed to MBCP. Those who experienced that they benefitted from the intervention described that they did so at an intra-personal level–with deeper self-knowledge and self-compassion; and on an inter-personal level–being helpful in relationships. Furthermore, they perceived that what they had learned from MBCP was helpful during childbirth and early parenting.


Our findings demonstrate that most of the parents experienced MBCP as a valuable preparation for the challenges they met when they went through the life-changing events of becoming parents. The phenomenon of participating in the intervention, integrating the teachings and embodying mindfulness seems to develop inner resources that foster the development of wisdom.

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Save the Date: Centers for Child and Family Wellbeing Biennial Conference

Mindful Families, Schools, and Communities:
Contemplative Practices to
Promote Child and Family Well-Being

Biennial Conference
Friday, May 17 and Saturday, May 18, 2019
School of Human Ecology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Conference registration and abstract submission portal will open in December 2018

Co-hosted by the Centers for Child and Family Well-Being (CCFWs) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Washington

Mindful Parenting

Thursday, May 16, 2019
School of Human Ecology
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Experiences of Postpartum Women after Mindfulness Childbirth Classes: A Qualitative Study

Experience of Postpartum Women after Mindfulness Childbirth Classes: A Qualitative Study 

Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health  –  www.jmwh.org

Authors: Ira Kantrowitz-Gordon, CNM, PhD, Shannon Abbott, RN, BSN, Rachel Hoehn, RN, BSN

Introduction: The postpartum period can be a challenging experience for many women as they adjust to the physical and social changes after childbirth. Mindfulness-based interventions have been developed for stress reduction in a variety of health contexts, including pregnancy. These interventions provide strategies that may help new mothers handle the physical, emotional, and relationship challenges of the postpartum period and increase acceptance of postpartum physical changes and body image. Limited research has explored whether women use skills learned in prenatal mindfulness classes for the postpartum experience and parenting. The purpose of this study was to explore women’s experience with mindfulness in the year after childbirth.

Methods: Twelve women who participated in a Mindfulness for Childbirth and Parenting course during pregnancy were interviewed be-tween 2 and 16 months postpartum. The semistructured interview guide included questions on how participants may have used mindful-ness to approach a variety of positive and negative postpartum experiences. Qualitative description methodology guided the research team to code the transcripts independently. The team met to review and achieve consensus in the development of codes, categories, and themes from the data.

Results: Four themes were identified in women’s postpartum experiences: 1) developing a new relationship with postpartum challenges, 2) formal practices of mindfulness to address postpartum challenges, 3) informal practices to address postpartum challenges, and 4) life-changing and transformative experiences. These themes showed a pathway by which participants used mindfulness skills to address postpartum challenges and to transform these challenges with a positive perspective.

Discussion: Mindfulness skills helped class participants cope with physical and emotional challenges postpartum and fostered positive meaningful relationships with partners and newborns. Findings have implications for future research on mindfulness-based interventions and the postpartum experience.

J Midwifery Womens Health 2018;00:1–8 c􀀀 2018 by the American College of Nurse-Midwives.

Link to full text: Experience of Postpartum Women after Mindfulness Childbirth Classes: A Qualitative Study 


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Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting Teacher Training Information

The Mindful Birthing and Parenting Foundation is excited to announce that we have expanded our online MBCP Teacher Training (MBCPTT) into a robust, year-long program.  For those of you who have completed your initial online MBCP Teacher Training with Nancy Bardacke prior to 2018 (now referred to as Level 1, Parts A & B), there is a now a Level 2 training that will supplement and deepen how you teach while also aligning you with our path towards becoming a Certified MBCP Teacher.  If you are interested in joining our Level 2 class, you can contact the MBCP Administrative Coordinator, Lily Springsteen, at mindfulbirthingandparenting@gmail.com or visit www.mindfulbirthing.org/teach to learn more.
If you have yet to embark upon your MBCP Teacher Training or if you know others within your communities who may be interested in learning to teach MBCP, feel free to reach out with questions, find more information at www.mindfulbirthing.org/teach, and share/post the flier below.  If you are moved to apply, the online application is available here: MBCPTT Application.   

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How Prenatal Mindfulness Can Help With Anxiety & Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Three women who experience physical and emotional challenges during pregnancy share the benefits of practicing prenatal mindfulness.  Read their stories here: Parents magazine


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MBCP Year in Popular Press


As the year comes to an end, we want to share the many publications in popular press that have highlighted MBCP in 2017.

With gratitude for those who’ve been instrumental in spreading the word about the work of MBCP!

Wishing all well in the new year!


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A study conducted by MBCP Faculty Member Larissa Duncan, PhD, the Elizabeth C. Davies Chair in Child and Family Well-Being and Associate Professor of Human Development & Family Studies and Family Medicine & Community Health at UW-Madison.

This study suggests mindfulness training carefully tailored to address fear and pain of childbirth may lead to important maternal mental health benefits, including improvements in childbirth-related appraisals and the prevention of postpartum depression symptoms. There is also some indication that Mind in Labor participants may use mindfulness coping in lieu of systemic opioid pain medication. A large-scale RCT that captures real-time pain perceptions during labor and length of labor is warranted to provide a more definitive test of these effects.

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Happy New Year!


Dear Friends of the Mindful Birthing and Parenting Foundation,

It is with immense joy that I share with you the Mindful Birthing and Parenting Foundation’s (MBPF) many activities in 2015. What an exciting and event-filled year it has been!

As the need for well-trained Mindfulness-based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP) instructors continues to grow both nationally and internationally, much of our activities in the past year focused on training perinatal healthcare providers who want to bring the MBCP program to expectant parents in their communities. The focus on teacher training also brings benefit to MBCP researchers studying the effects of the MBCP program on expectant women and families. This year introductory professional trainings were held in California, Hong Kong, France, the UK and Australia.

In April, MBPF offered a 13-week online MBCP Teacher Training for 20 participants in 9 countries.

In June, information about the impact of the inaugural course “Mindfulness Skills for Midwifery Practice: Stress Reduction for the Nurse-Midwifery Student” was shared at the the ACNM Education Committee’s “Innovations in Midwifery Education” at the American College of Nurse-Midwives 60th Annual Convention in Washington, DC.

In November, the MBPF held its first MBCP faculty meeting online! Our esteemed faculty members are: Judy Cuneo, MD/Ob-Gyn, Larissa Duncan, PhD, Maret Dymond, PhD, Jane Gerlach, CNM, Eluned Gold, MSc, and Jen Moffitt, CNM. We look forward to working together and to the time when we will offer mentoring for new MBCP Teachers.

In collaboration with the UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, the Mindful Birthing and Parenting Foundation welcomed Drs. Ruimin Zheng and YanQing Yang to the SF Bay Area for a 5 week MBCP training and study visit. In her work as the Deputy Director of the National Center for Women’s and Children’s Health, Chinese CDC, the People’s Republic of China, Dr. Zheng’s intention is to bring the MBCP program to China as part of a multifaceted long term effort to support physiologic childbirth for the women, babies and families of China.

Looking ahead to 2016 we will continue our focus on MBCP Teacher Training, working with colleagues in the US and internationally to outline a clear teacher training pathway for full MBCP Teacher Certification. We will also continue to work with and support our research colleagues worldwide who are looking to discover and document the benefits of mindfulness practice in the perinatal period. You can find out about some of our 2016 class offerings here. Details about upcoming classes and trainings, including those in Spain and Belgium in June 2016, will be available soon.

As you may well imagine, we rely on the generosity of our friends to assist us financially with this vitally important work. Please consider making a donation to the Mindful Birthing and Parenting Foundation this year.

Wishing you and yours a safe and peaceful Holiday Season and may the New Year ahead be filled with many moments of joy and ease.


Nancy Bardacke, CNM
Founding Director, Mindful Birthing and Parenting Foundation

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The French Edition of Mindful Birthing is Released

Mindful Birthing_French copyWe are delighted to announce the French edition of Nancy Bardacke’s Mindful Birthing, published by Le Courrier du Livre: Se Préparer à la Naissance en Pleine Conscience.  Many thanks to all the translators of this edition, and to Jon Kabat-Zinn and Christophe André, for their wonderful forewords.  This edition also includes audio recordings of the MBCP practices that correspond with the lessons outlined in the book.

For more information about the MBCP Program in France, including a 6-day Introduction to MBCP Professional Training Retreat (26 March- 1 April 2015), visit http://mbcp-naissance.org or email contact@mbcp-naissance.org.

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