Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting Teacher Training Information

The Mindful Birthing and Parenting Foundation is excited to announce that we have expanded our online MBCP Teacher Training (MBCPTT) into a robust, year-long program.  For those of you who have completed your initial online MBCP Teacher Training with Nancy Bardacke prior to 2018 (now referred to as Level 1, Parts A & B), there is a now a Level 2 training that will supplement and deepen how you teach while also aligning you with our path towards becoming a Certified MBCP Teacher.  If you are interested in joining our Level 2 class, you can contact the MBCP Administrative Coordinator, Lily Springsteen, at mindfulbirthingandparenting@gmail.com or visit www.mindfulbirthing.org/teach to learn more.
If you have yet to embark upon your MBCP Teacher Training or if you know others within your communities who may be interested in learning to teach MBCP, feel free to reach out with questions, find more information at www.mindfulbirthing.org/teach, and share/post the flier below.  If you are moved to apply, the online application is available here: MBCPTT Application.   

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