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an introduction to mbcp

MBCP Taster Session

Free, Live and Online via Zoom
19 August 2023
12pm - 3:00pm (ET)

Join Jennifer Averill Moffitt, CNM, MBCPTc, for a free online, 3-hour introduction to MBCP for perinatal and mental health professionals.

The MBCP course offers parents-to-be the opportunity to use the remarkably transformative time of pregnancy and childbirth to learn mindfulness skills for working with the stress, pain and fear that are often a normal part of this profound journey into the unknown.


The MBCP course is well-grounded in a methodology and approach that is evidence-based and that has already been proven to be extraordinarily effective in reducing stress and increasing the mental and physical health and well-being of tens of thousands of people worldwide.

In this workshop, midwife and Senior Faculty member Jennifer Averill-Moffitt, will cover some of the core mindfulness practices and teachings from the MBCP curriculum, and a review of the research on the impact of MBCP on perinatal outcomes. No prior mindfulness experience necessary.

Pre-registration is required (below)

Your Host

Jennifer Moffitt, RN, CNM, MBCPTc

MBCP Taster Registration
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