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MBCPTT Birth Module

a self-guided study

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This Birth Module is for non-perinatal professionals who have completed Level 1 of the Mindful Birthing and Parenting Foundation's Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP) Teacher Training program (MBCPTT).
As you prepare to teach your first MBCP class, this Birth Module will help to build your childbirth education literacy so that you have a better sense of ease and familiarity with the topics and questions that may arise within the classroom. While the scope of your practice as an MBCP Teacher does not extend to offering medical advice or opinions to your class participants, it is important to understand the context in which expectant parents are attempting to apply their mindfulness skills. 

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Part 1:

Setting the Stage


Part 2:

The Physiology of

Labor and Birth


Part 3: 

When Help is Needed



Part 4:

The Fourth Trimester

(Postpartum &

Newborn Care)

Part 5:

1-hour Birth Module Question + Answer Session with a Mentor (Optional)

Upon completion of the MBCPTT Birth Module, you will have the opportunity to request a 1-hour question and answer session with an approved Birth Module Mentor to answer any questions that may arise during your self-guided course.​ This session is unique to the MBCPTT Birth Module and does not count toward the 10 mentoring sessions that are required for MBCP Teacher Certification process.

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