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Mindfulness in Parenting: Cultivating Healthy Life Skills for Everyday Family Living

Comments from Participants after Completing the Course


"I am taking more time to just BE with my daughter. I can accept more readily the hard moments with her and to be more aware of my own reactions to them."

"I learned I could decide to use some strategies other than an automatic anger reaction to deal with my child."

"I am more accepting of my partner’s ways of tending to the children’s needs. I can see now that his way is just different than mine and I’m more relaxed with that."

“I developed more patience, tolerance and respect for my toddler.”

“My neck and back pain have decreased.”

“The class was useful because it reminded me of what my intention is in being the father in this family.”

“I can more easily let my daughter just be who she is and not be judging whether she’s good or bad.”

“I had some precious moments of insights into myself and how I react to stress. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.”

“I enjoy the one-on-one random times with my kids more.”

“I learned how I could weave meditation into my everyday life.”


“I was reminded of how important kindness is. When I feel angry, tired, or disappointed I increasingly feel that I can make a choice not to lash out or get defensive but to just be kind.”

“I learned to take more time to appreciate the pleasurable moments with my child.”

“I am more aware of when stress is rising, what the triggers are and how to just ‘be with it’ without judging myself.”

“Mindfulness and nonjudgmental living can be done every day at any time.”

“I am slowing down with my three-year-old which has made a big difference.”

“The class gave me another way to look at the work of parenting.”

“I found I could be more playful and less rigid with my children. We are having more fun together now.”

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