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  Mindful Parenting: Cultivating Healthy Life Skills for Everyday Family Living

As parents we can often feel overwhelmed by the stresses of parenting and the challenges of juggling family and work schedules, whether we work within or outside of the home. We may find ourselves reacting to our children with frustration or irritation, then judge ourselves harshly, wishing we were “a better parent”. Through practicing mindfulness, we strengthen our ability to respond, rather than simply react to our children. As we develop mindfulness we may find we are able to bring greater wisdom, open-heartedness, joy, and balance to parenting and to all aspects of our daily lives.

Mindfulness in Parenting: Cultivating Healthy Life Skills for Everyday Family Living

"I never knew how much parenting was about being in the present moment. It’s so simple, but boy, it sure isn’t easy."

"Just to see my kids as who they are and enjoy the little moments with them without judging them has been a great learning for me."

Practicing mindfulness can help us:

  • Become more aware of our own approach to parenting
  • Increase our ability to manage stress in family life and the workplace
  • Develop tools that foster caring and interconnectedness
  • Tap into inner reservoirs of patience, calm and joy
  • Cultivate the capacity to be fully present with ourselves and our children

Course includes: 6 weekly classes and an all-day practice session. Participants may come to all or part of the all-day session.

Course Materials: Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting by Jon and Myla Kabat-Zinn and two audio tapes for home practice

Instructor: Nancy Bardacke, CNM, MA

East Bay location. Due to space limitations, early registration is advised.

For information and registration call
510-595-3207 or contact us

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