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The Mind in Labor: Working with Pain in Childbirth A One-Day Mind/Body Skills Workshop

Comments from Participants after Completing the Workshop


“The practices for pain dramatically reduced my fears. It made me feel I could do it!”

“I learned how powerful the mind is and that letting go into the pain actually made the pain less.”

“I now have new, useful tools for labor. It made me feel calmer and better prepared.”

“The day gave me some specific things to practice in preparation for birth in particular and life after birth in general.”

“It was very important for me to find out how to work with my wife to make her labor easier. The class certainly did that.”

“I definitely feel more confident that I have the tools I need to work with whatever happens during the birth.”

“It helped bring my partner and I closer together for labor and delivery.”

“I learned several very helpful and effective mindfulness techniques for dealing with pain. Also I learned that birth is a creative process.”


“I learned empathy for my partner’s experience during labor. I feel generally more involved in the birth now. It also taught me how to experience life in the moment, which will definitely help me when the baby comes and with stress at work.”

“The workshop helped me explore and let go of my fears, as well as understand more about the importance of mindfulness in the physiological process of birth.”

“I realized that I can be more aware of my thoughts and therefore more in control of what I do with them.”

“I learned how to trust my own process and to be open to whatever happens, whenever it happens and however it goes.”

“The workshop taught me how to better embrace physical pain while being present.”

“It was wonderful to understand how to apply mindfulness to labor and birthing.”

“I feel more free to find what is right for me. There is no one right way to give birth.”

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