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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: Life Skills for the Professional Care Provider

Comments from Participants after Completing the Course


“I am more often able to choose a positive alternative to the way I might have reacted before the course.”

“I was in a very anxious place when I started the class. I am much more relaxed now.”

“I can look at things more carefully, non-judgmentally and not get so caught up in emotional reactions when they arise.”

“My neck and back pain have decreased.”

“I feel less ‘crazed’. Even my husband says I’m calmer!”

“I focus on my breath and the present moment more and have intentionally slowed things down.”

“Everyday events that used to upset me are ‘let go’ more easily. A traffic jam is a chance to meditate!”

“At work I try to focus on finishing a task before starting another and I’m asking for help instead of thinking I have to do everything myself.”

“I have fewer headaches—maybe only one since the class started, which is incredible!”


“I am able to stop and breathe when I start feeling upset or angry.”

“My ease at work has increased and the sense of being rushed has decreased.”

“My tendency has always been to snap at others when stressed out or irritated. I am doing that much less.”

“I learned how much mindfulness can reduce my stress and allow me to live a fuller, more enriching life.”

“I have allowed myself to feel that I too deserve happiness.”

“The class definitely helped me change my communication with my teenager—for the better.”

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